20 Best Essential Oils for Energy and Focus

There are excellent essential oils for energy and focus if you are feeling down. Minty oils like peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus are all excellent for promoting concentration, alertness, and enhancing mental clarity. These oils work well in the morning to help you start your day off with focus, or to help you get over the late-afternoon doldrums. This list contains some of the best essential oils for energy and focus. Like a cup of coffee, these essential oils give you an instant boost of energy to get you through the downtimes.

Essential Oils for Energy and Focus

Minty Essential Oils for Energy and Focus

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is used for a variety of medicinal purposes because of its high concentration of menthol. This compound gives peppermint oil its antimicrobial properties that help in controlling bacteria and fungi. Menthol also provides pain relief. Therefore, peppermint oil is one of the best essential oils for energy and focus.

The minty scent of this essential oil provides an instant boost to mental and physical energy levels. If you are sluggish from overeating or trying to fight fatigue, peppermint oil is great for boosting concentration.

How to Use Peppermint Essential Oils for Energy and Focus

You can add peppermint oil to your diffuser when you want to focus and stay alert. Also, adding one drop of peppermint to one drop of rosehip or another carrier oil, then dabbing a little directly under your nose works well. You will get an instant boost. For an all-day pick-me-up, rub this essential oil blend on your shoulders and neck.

2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The active compound in eucalyptus oil, cineole, has been the subject of many different research studies that have examined its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties. Because eucalyptus oil can contribute to the overall health of your immune system, it plays a role in your energy levels, as well.

If you are congested and fatigued from a cold or flu, try using eucalyptus oil to gain your energy back.

How to Use

Add a few drops in your bathwater (preferably hot) and cover the drain, allowing the steam to infuse with the scent of eucalyptus. You will feel more energetic when you leave the shower, plus you will be able to breathe easier.

You can dilute this oil with carrier oils and apply the mixture directly to your temples, feet, wrists, or other aching areas. The cooling effect can calm tensed muscles and help you relax and rest more peacefully.

 Inhaling eucalyptus directly or diffusing it works well, too.

Essential Oils for Energy and Focus
Essential oils for energy and focus

Citrus Essential Oils for Energy and Focus

Essential oils made from citrus fruits help you get rid of negativity, promote happiness, and improve your mood. Some of the most powerful energy boosters are citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemon, orange, lime, and bergamot. Citrus fruits are very aromatic and these essential oils wake up the nervous system signals to promote higher energy levels.

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1. Grapefruit Essential Oil

If you are stressed out and need to relax, try grapefruit essential oil. This clarifying scent can reduce mental fatigue and help regulate your hormone levels, fighting off the feeling of fatigue.

How to Use

Add grapefruit oil to your diffuser at the end of a long day for an immediate energy boost. You can also use this oil topically. Mix it with a carrier oil, such as jojoba, and dab it on your wrists or neck.

You can also use grapefruit oil in the shower for an energy boost while you prepare for your day.

2. Orange Essential Oil

The powerful scent of orange essential oil is uplifting and fresh. Just like a freshly peeled orange, this essential oil promotes positive emotions and improves energy levels. Orange oil may help with depression and other mental health problems.

3. Lime Essential Oil

This essential oil is a little more subtle than orange essential oil but it has the right compounds to lift your mood and help you feel more energetic. Lime oil enhances the flow of energy throughout your body and can help you concentrate and focus when your mental energy level is beginning to lag.

4. Bergamot Essential Oil

If you had a stressful day and want to feel refreshed and revived the following day, try bergamot essential oil. Bergamot contains flavonoids that can calm your nerves, relax tension, and reduce stress and anxiety. Bergamot is a good oil to diffuse in the evening as you unwind so that you can get restful sleep and have more energy the next day.

Spice Flavor Essential Oils for Energy and Focus

These warm and spicy oils can get you motivated and moving when your energy is low. Oils like cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, and frankincense are all excellent at helping you stay alert and focused when you need a little boost.

1. Cinnamon Essential Oil

When you are down, either physically or mentally, try cinnamon essential oil. Taking cinnamon oil orally helps to regulate blood glucose levels. This is important for stabilizing your energy levels, reducing cravings for foods that make you crash (e.g. sugar), and controlling your weight.

2. Black Pepper Essential Oil

If you are having trouble focusing or concentrating, black pepper oil can be just what you need. It’s a good choice when you are down and feeling sluggish. Black pepper oil improves circulation, which can provide extra energy.

How to Use

While you can inhale black pepper oil directly or use it in your diffuser, you can also apply it topically. Rubbing just a few drops of this essential oil onto the soles of your feet can get your energy flowing while giving you a warm sensation. If you have sore muscles, mix black pepper oil with a carrier oil, then massage into aching muscles before a workout.

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3. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger has many medicinal uses and is great for helping you maintain your energy levels. This essential oil is warming and penetrates deep into the skin, revitalizing your mood and getting you pumped up.

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Ginger is also great for nausea, motion sickness, and morning sickness.

You can inhale it directly or mix a few drops with a carrier oil and rub it into your feet for quicker absorption into your bloodstream. This will stimulate your senses and get your vitality and energy ramped up.

4. Frankincense Essential Oil

If you have feelings of anxiety or low moods, frankincense oil is for you. Frankincense combines the power of citrus scent with those of minty ones to provide a long-lasting aroma that will lift your energy levels and balance your moods.

Frankincense’s compounds can cross the blood-brain barrier; therefore, it works well for treating depression and anxiety, which are conditions that contribute to the lack of energy for some people.

In addition to using it in your diffuser or inhaling it directly, you can rub a few drops in strategic places like your neck, feet, or wrists. Create a revitalizing massage oil by adding this essential oil to jojoba or argan oil.

Essential Oils for Focus
best essential oils for energy and focus

Herbal Essential Oils for Energy and Focus

Herbs possess medicinal properties in cooking and as teas. Essential oils made from herbs are great for improving mood, enhancing energy, and leaving you feeling refreshed.

1. Rosemary Essential Oil

When you are feeling really fatigued, rosemary essential oil can give you the boost you need. Like eucalyptus, rosemary contains cineole, which increases blood flow to the brain and improves your alertness. If your brain is feeling a little foggy from fatigue, or you need an extra mental or physical boost, trying rosemary essential oil.

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2. Basil Essential Oil

The fresh, earthy smell of basil is invigorating and basil essential oils are even more so. Basil is a natural stimulant for your endocrine system, including your adrenal glands. These glands control your energy production; therefore, basil can help fight fatigue, relieve sluggishness, and alleviate mental cloudiness. If you have chronic fatigue, basil is an excellent treatment option.

Add two drops of basil essential oil, three drops of lemongrass essential oil, and one drop of peppermint essential oil to your diffuser to make an aroma that is both clarifying and stimulating.

3. Thyme Essential Oil

If your immune system is sluggish or battling invaders, thyme essential oil can help it fight infection and increase energy levels. Thyme offers many medicinal benefits, including reducing stress and enhancing energy levels. Add thyme essential oil to any citrus oil for a powerful, uplifting scent that is both energetic and healing.

4. Neroli Essential Oil

This essential oil is made from the flower of a type of bitter orange tree, and its properties are numerous. Neroli is an excellent oil for lowering stress, reducing blood pressure, and helping to calm the body and mind during stressful times. This essential oil can also boost your mood, enhancing energy.

5. Lemongrass Essential Oil

The fresh scent of lemongrass is invigorating and can help you clear your mind, which provides you with more energy. In addition to using it in your diffuser, try applying it topically. Mix a few drops of lemongrass essential oil with jojoba or another carrier oil, then massage this into your temples or neck. This mixture helps give you a boost, making it perfect for pre-workout or when you hit an afternoon slump.

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Earthy Essential Oils for Energy and Focus

Other oils that include earthy, woody scents can also stimulate your brain and body. You can try these oils on their own or mixed in blends to help you overcome fatigue and mental fog.

1. Geranium Essential Oil

 If you are looking to balance your emotions and calm mood swings, geranium essential oil is an excellent choice. The compounds in geranium oil balance your nervous system, which is helpful when you are stressed. In addition to diffusing this scent, try a body spray made from 15 drops of geranium essential oil and 300 milliliters of water in a spray bottle. This light scent offers an instant boost.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a popular essential oil for many reasons. While lavender is probably best known for its relaxing properties, this effect is actually quite helpful when you are seeking focus and concentration. Lavender essential oil can improve your mood, which also provides a much-needed lift when you are fatigued or stressed.

If you are feeling particularly stressed or agitated, lavender essential oil is an excellent choice. Because it helps in relaxing the body, lavender is a good choice just before bed for a refreshing feeling when you wake up.

Besides inhaling it directly from the bottle, you can dab a few drops of lavender onto your palms, rub them together, then breathe deeply from your cupped hands. The effect is an almost immediate calm and relaxation. You can also apply a few drops of lavender to your temples, wrists, or feet just before bedtime to get the quality rest your body needs. Adding a few drops to your diffuser when you are battling a stressful situation can calm your mind, allowing for better concentration.

3. Elemi Essential Oil

Elemi tress come from the South Pacific, and essential oils made from this tree can be used as a stimulant. It is known to increase circulation, promote the balance and secretion of hormones from the adrenal glands, and promote mental stimulation. Elemi can help balance hormones that are making you feel tired as well as provide mental clarity and focus when you need it.

4. Pine Essential Oil

Pine essential oils can create confidence and energy, which can help the battle against fatigue. Pine’s properties help you stay invigorated and alert, and its essential oil promotes positivity. If you have adrenal fatigue, pine essential oil is an excellent treatment that can elevate your mood and enhance energy. Pine improves your memory and focus.

5. Cedarwood Essential Oil

This essential oil calms the mind and helps reduce tension by releasing serotonin. Cedarwood is an excellent sleep aid, improving sleep quality. It is great for stabilizing moods and helping you focus.


All of the above are important essential oils for energy and focus. Try one or a combination of these oils when next you need a boost of energy. Essential oil health benefits are numerous and you can use them in so many conditions.

Enjoy some energy and focus with essential oils.






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